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Business Opportunities

Opportunities imageThe proposed Mackenzie Gas Project will need goods and services throughout the construction and operation phases.

The Project is committed to supporting the development of aboriginal and other northern businesses. We will work with local businesses to ensure they are aware of opportunities created by the Project. We will also work with these businesses to help them understand the Project's requirements.

To support the fair and full participation of northern suppliers and contractors in the Project, we will:

  • seek business opportunities for northern suppliers of goods and services
  • communicate opportunities in a timely way to enable effective competition by local and northern contractors and suppliers
  • structure contracts, where practical, in sizes that can be effectively managed by northern businesses
  • where appropriate, contract locally in cases where the supply or services by contractors and northern businesses
    • meet safety and environmental standards
    • meet technical and quality standards
    • are cost-competitive at the location where the goods and services are required
    • meet the Project's timing needs

Goods and Services Required

The types of goods and services required for the Project include:

Construction - Facilities
Construction - Pipeline
Fuel and Fuel Storage
Office Requirements
Personnel Requirements
Safety and Medical
Drillings, Completions and Well Servicing


Typical Goods and Services

Accommodation and Related Services

Apartments, hotels and motels

Camps, camp catering, camp supplies




Taxi, laundry and dry-cleaning services


Retail and wholesale grocery supply


Water delivery, sewage treatment, snow removal and garbage disposal


Telecommunications, cellular phones, high-speed internet and cable TV

Construction Facilities



Building supplies, hardware, paint, lumber supply and plywood


Electrical contracting and supplies


Plumbing contracting and supplies


Carpentry and finishing


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning supply, installation and maintenance


Electrical power generation and supply


Concrete, crushed rock, sand, gravel and ready-mix products


Forms, rebar, cribbing, cement finishing and masonry products

Construction Pipeline

General contracting


Timber for pipeline skids and survey laths


Welding services and supplies, such as acetylene and oxygen


Industrial supplies, steam and high-pressure water


Small engine repair, small equipment supply and rental


Heavy-duty equipment rental, repairs and service


Drilling equipment for core samples

Fuel and Fuel Storage

Bulk fuel, propane, diesel fuel, aircraft fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, grease, lubricating oil, glycol and chemicals


Propane and fuel storage tanks, oil and diesel fuel tanks, fuel delivery and storage

Office Requirements

Security and janitorial services


Office space, supplies, furniture, computers and other equipment

Personnel Requirements

Secretarial, clerical, word processing, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services


Travel services


Banking services

Safety and Medical

Medical facilities, supplies, services, air and ground ambulance, dentistry, optometry and prescription drugs


Safety equipment, supplies and training


Materials handling, expediting, freight transport, light delivery and courier services


Air transport, aircraft charters and maintenance


Vehicle sales, rentals, repairs and service


Charter boats and barges

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